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By Cindy B.
North Carolina
Great Product
June 27, 2020
So very easy to set up, use and clean up. A great addition to my long term maintenance for my trays.
ProsUse to use & clean up.
By Gerry
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Excellent Product
April 20, 2020
When I purchased the sonic Cleaner I wasn't sure if it really worked. For 2 years, I have used the Retainer Brite tablets by them selves and scrubbing left over residue on the Invisaline braces with a toothbrush. Now, the simple sonic vibration thoroughly cleans them for me. Very very pleased.
By Hilda
Los Angeles
Great product
June 30, 2019
Thoroughly cleans our night guards
By Karen W.
Murrells Inlet, SC
great way to clean and store mouthguards
May 23, 2019
I love this product. Every morning I put my mouthguard in it, along with the dentibrite tablet and turn it on for about 15 minutes while I am getting ready for work. then I turn it off and store the mouthguard in the same container. Great product.
By Jannice
Virginia Beach, VA
Great product!
November 5, 2018
This is an amazing cleaner! I use it with the cleaner packets that are sold separately . Does an great job getting my retainers clean and fresh!!
By Dana R.
Basking Ridge, NJ
This product is great!
September 16, 2018
You can tell as soon as the cleaner's button is turned on that the sound waves are activating the Retainer Brite tablets to work harder. I wish I had both the Retainer Brite tablets and this sonic cleaner when I was a kid with a retainer, b/c honestly brushing it, just never seemed sufficient enough to clean. Thank you so much for this product for my son.
ProsEasy to use & you feel that you really are thoroughly cleaning your retainer (or whatever dental appliance).
ConsThis would be more convenient if this turned off automatically after 15-20 minutes.
By Carlyn
Los Angeles
August 29, 2018
easy to use and it cleans well with retainer brite tablets.
Consno auto off when using
By Maria
Clean those oral appliances.
June 15, 2018
Works great.
ProsEasy to use.
ConsTry to keep the battery compartment dry.
By Shiva
Canada, ON
Great for cleaning invisalign trays
February 6, 2018
It's great for cleaning my trays.Specially when used with the retainer brite. The only problem is that it is not heavy enough and moves as it works. I have to surround it with heavy items when it works.
By Crystal
Cleans well
December 15, 2017
This works well to clean the kids clear retainers. It's quite and easy to use. It does tend to move around on the counter top while it's on, but I solved the problem by sitting it on a bathcloth. Overall I feel it was a good purchase.
By Sharyn
New York
Invislline cleaner
December 14, 2017
Using these for 15 years.. cleans beautifully.....
By Birdie W.
November 20, 2017
We have this ultrasonic unit and the Retainer Brite. They're just what we needed for grfather and grdaughter. She is a special needs kiddo, and isn't fond of the oral hygiene issues that prevail with retainers which she wears during sleep. These u.sonic & tablet products work wonderfully as time management is the key for optimum results at our home. This is how it works (and maybe can for you if you're squeezed for time): She uses Aquafina bottled water to just "rinse" the retainers at the sink in the morning and "soak" them during the day in the single blue container. This Aquafina water is best for this type of presoak because we test it to be 0%...just like the Zero Water that we also use for our water kettle and for drinking...NO calcium buildup or corrosion-causing effect on anything! After school, she uses the warm tap water/Brite tablet/U.Sonic Container - with auto turn off - per product instructions, while she unpacks and gets resettled. Her iPod is set to match the 15 mins. alarm, so she can independently retrieve the sparkling items, rinse and store them for the night use. Before buying these products, I daily cleaned with a small soft t.brush, a dab of Palmolive soap, cold tap water, then soaked them in the filtered water mentioned above. Annoying! Grfather was using the same old routine for his orthodontics, and has been thrilled with these (shared) products. Warm tap water/a Bright tablet/Sonic Cleaner with the auto shutoff = a Done Deal. He loves the Cleanse Freshen Go wipes which he keeps on hand, daily, as needed. Ha! Today I've purchased his very own products = one happy woman (me). Hopefully I've helped with the sharing! This site has other useful items.
ProsSonic devise is of solid construction, good appearance, very easy to clean, not loud. Tablets & powder perform as advertised. Cleanse Freshen Go Wipes are excellent accessory.
ConsOnly one color selection.
By Tarabya A.
New York
Sonic Power
May 14, 2017
Such an amazing device. Really made my life easier because it cleans so well
By Melissa
Columbus, OH
Cordless Sonic Cleaner
April 20, 2017
Very quiet, compact!
By Kim
Franklin, TN
Cleans well
March 11, 2017
Had quite a build up on my Invisalign retainers. Product has removed it and is easy to use.
ProsEasy and works well. Great price. Shipped quickly.
ConsUltrasonic device is a little loud.
By Don
Cordless Sonic Cleaner
February 23, 2017
Works as described
ProsInexpensive, easy to use
ConsI wish it had a built in timer for auto shut off
By Debbie R.
Clearwater Fla
Your products saved me $hundreds!
February 10, 2017
One morning I took out my invisiline retainer and it had turned solid white! I called my orthodontist and they said "sorry, there's no way to fix that, but we can make you another one for $100!" I decided to search the internet and found retainer before and the sonic cleaning unit. Other posts noted it may take several times soaking and scrubbing, so I was prepared with baking soda and my sonic toothbrush. After 3 soaks in retainer before in the sonic cleaning unit, I saw clear areas! I repeated this process 7 times including brushing and I'm thrilled to say my retainer looks new again! My portable sonic cleaning unit arrived with a multi fracture crack in the soaker cup. A quick email to the Dentakit company and they responded saying another whole unit was on its way, no need to return the broken one! I'm sticking with Dentakit and firing my orthodontist !
ProsVery easy to use Battery operated, great for small places or travel
By jim
Works Great!
January 23, 2017
This product works great and is very inexpensive.
By Donna
Williamstown, MA
good job
September 11, 2016
easy to use and retainer looks much better
Sonic Cleaner for retainer
September 3, 2016
I got this this Sonic Cleaner recently for my daughter to clean her retainer; it works well and so far we are very happy with this purchase. Fast shipping.
ProsEasy to operate.
By Charlene
Cordless Sonic cleaner
August 20, 2016
I've used the sonic cleaner for a week now and so far so good. It's easy! Just drop the tablet in warm water, set the timer on my phone for 20 min and get ready for work in the morning. I wear Invisalign braces and couldn't stand the white film that builds up after just a few days of wearing. I noticed a bit of film starting to develop this morning after a week of sonic care but was able to brush it off with just a soft toothbrush and water after rinsing off the retainer brite solution. The sonic cleaner is small, quiet enough, and I keep it in a corner on my counter so no movements or getting away at all. I would recommend!
ProsInexpensive and worth it to keep alingers clean.
By Mark Z.
Erie, PA
Effective Cleaner
July 28, 2016
The item is effective and reasonable priced. Compact size makes it ideal for travel.
ProsCompact size. Effective.
ConsNo automatic shut off.
By Gina
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Great product
July 9, 2016
This cleaned my daughter's clear fitted retainers beautifully. It is super easy to use and really gives them a fresh clean feel.
ProsSuper easy and works great
By Anika
Doesn't clean it
June 1, 2016
I don't feel like this battery operated cleaner cleans. It's not worth the money
Merchant Response:It won't clean on its own. You need to add a product like Retainer Brite, SonicBrite, or DentaSoak for it to do the job properly. This is clearly explained on the product page for the Cordless Sonic Cleaner!
By Kandy
May 27, 2016
I am extremely disappointed with this product. It came with very little information, I don't know what its supposed to do or how long. It is very noisy, does nothing but vibrate. I have no idea what the "sonic" part of this unit is.
Merchant Response:We're sorry that you were disappointed! The "sonic part" of the product is the sound waves produced by the vibration. There are no instructions because you are supposed to use it with Retainer Brite Tablets, which means that you fill it with warm water, drop in your retainers and one Retainer Brite Tablet, and then run the cleaner for 15 minutes.
ProsNice looking on the shelf, I guess
ConsSee above comments.
By Grammy
Lakewood, CO
At Last
May 14, 2016
I am a senior citizen who redid her long ago braces for cosmetic reasons. Happy with the end result; but as we all know you must wear the retainer to keep your teeth straight. I was doing this and brushing the retainer, sometimes cleaning with diluted peroxide and water, or mouthwash for it to sit in after cleaning, or diluted white vinegar. All helped for a time, but eventually the retainer just didn't feel clean. I read the reviews on this cleaner and thought "not much to lose" and ordered it along with 2 years supply of the tablets. Using it religiously and VERY HAPPY with it. It performs exactly as stated. I watched for it to walk on the counter and it didn't, so no problem there. It is so easy to set it up and have it running as you make the bed and get dressed in the morning and putting on your face. Rinse, dry and put away as you are tidying up the bathroom and don't give it another thought until the next morning. PERFECT! Wish I would have started with this cleaning solution to begin with. The cleaner is not too noisy, you are just aware that it is running.
By Amanda
love it
February 11, 2016
Perfect for travel. It made my dentures so clean. Just love it!
ProsIt made my dentures so clean. Just love it!
By Joan
Benbrook TX
Cordless Sonic Cleaner
January 16, 2016
This cleaner is so easy to use. I really like it.
By Tia B.
Conroe, TX
Great product!
October 23, 2015
I love the compact size, ease of use, and it really gets my TMJ retainers/guards sparkling clean.
ProsSmall size; easy to use
ConsUses batteries instead of having a power cord.
By Brian
Tucson, AZ
Makes Retainer Cleaning EASY!
June 30, 2015
The cordless sonic cleaner has been a great purchase. I don't have to worry about cleaning my retainers - just drop the tab and forget about it for 15 minutes. The only issue I have is that the machine moves around quite a bit while cleaning and has fallen off the counter once (durable!). No worries though, it's barricaded now :-)
ProsConvenient, Works Well, Solves a Problem, Easy to Use, Durable, Great for Retainers, Great for Invisalign
Best UsesFor Retainers, On the Go, At Home
By Becky
Lincoln, NE
Good product!
February 11, 2015
Really helps keep the retainer free of plaque.
ProsGreat for Retainers, Easy to Use, Works Well, Convenient
Best UsesFor Retainers
By Momma K.
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Love this little Machine!
January 20, 2015
Find that this little machine enhances the cleaning capability of the cleaning tablets that I use for my Invisalign Trays. So glad to have come across this item!
ProsDurable, Great for Invisalign, Convenient, Solves a Problem, Works Well, Easy to Use
Best UsesFor Invisalign, At Home
By Pat
New York
This works great!
September 4, 2014
This is fantastic for cleaning retainers!
ProsWorks Well, Durable, Great for Retainers, Easy to Use
ConsI Have No Cons
Best UsesFor Retainers, At Home
By Eileen
Farmingdale, NJ
Cordless Sonic Cleaner
August 22, 2014
I use the Sonic Cleaner each morning and find it very convenient. It does a nice clean job on the retainer. The unit itself is easy to keep clean. So far there are no problems with it. I am very pleased with it.
ProsDurable, Works Well, Great for Retainers, Easy to Use, Convenient
Best UsesAt Home, For Retainers
By Patrish
Paoli, PA
Very Pleased
August 14, 2014
I am very happy with my purchase. It definitely helps me to keep my invisalign clear and film free. I always feel better after cleaning them with this product/sonic cleaner.
ProsWorks Well, Solves a Problem, Easy to Use, Great for Invisalign, Convenient
Best UsesFor Invisalign, At Home
By Jim
Washington, DC
Increases Retainer Brite Effectiveness
June 19, 2014
It really does seem to increase the effectiveness of Retainer Brite. I noticed that my invisalign trays were cleaner/clearer for a longer period of time using the sonic cleaner. I still need to brush about once a week, though. I did have an incident where the sonic cleaner vibrated off the counter - luckily it landed in the sink. It may be too noisy for some, but I tolerate it okay. I would recommend.
ProsEasy to Use, Great for Invisalign, Convenient
ConsNoisy, Loud, Unstable
Best UsesFor Invisalign, At Home

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